About Us


Here at Ion Commerce we strive to provide outstanding, friendly, and personalized service to meet your project goals.  We try to go above and beyond by understanding your business and offering our full range of expertise.  Rather than offering canned service packages and pricing we tailor each quotation to your specific needs.  We provide convenient prompt communication via email, text, video, and phone.

The right tool for the job

Technology moves fast and we invest the time and energy keeping up with the latest in techniques, frameworks, and libraries for a variety of platforms.  However, we focus on using solid proven tech for projects with a keen sense on future proofing while not sacrificing reliability.

Focus and Direction

We excel at small to medium sized business and eCommerce, but are open to business in most any area.

Locations We Serve

We serve the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky area.  We can also serve nationwide providing clients are open to working via Skype, email, or phone.

Founder – Ben Morris

benBen Morris founded Ion Commerce in 2011 and fulfills a lead role in coordinating all aspects of operations.  Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2007 from Indiana University Southeast.  Over the last 10 years he has gained diverse experience in a variety of programming platforms, marketing, and solving business problems. Ben currently resides in Salem, IN.