Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Your Business

We can leverage our expertise and provide consulting to your business.  We bring experience in marketing, software development, eCommerce operations, and much more.  We can offer suggestions and even product personalized software to solve your problem.  

How can I tap into this market?  The potential business is there, but I'm not getting it.


With our knowledge of online marketing we can help you build your business through online marketing.  Building a social media following is a great way to engage your users and maintain an ongoing relationship after a sale.  We can assist with Pay Per Click campaigns (Adwords and Bing), email marketing, coupon offers, banners ads, and much more!

We Can Help You With:

  • Create a Social Media Profile (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Pay Per Click (Adwords, Bing)
  • Coupon and Discount Offers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner Ads - Static and Animated

We will:

  • Explain the SEO process and set realistic goals
  • Do a full review of your site
  • Go over a 50 point checklist of easy SEO basics for every site
  • Examine your targeted keywords and service area and create targeted content on your site
  • Help you build useful, engaging content to encourage backlinks and increase ranking
  • Help you track the progress of our SEO efforts

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is potentially one of the most abused terms in the industry and it covers a wide range of topics.  We commonly warn customers of guaranteed search positions and quick ranking schemes.  We focus on Google/Bing recommended SEO tactics such as creating unique, engaging content that people are looking for.  However, before we do anything we do a full review of your site and how conducive it will be to search engines, the results might surprise you!

Was that ad I ran worth it?  Did I make money?  Where are my sales coming from?

Analytics and Tracking

Investing in SEO and Marketing is vital, but without the ability to track results it becomes impossible to justify the expense.  So many times we've seen customers throw money at traditional forms of marketing and have no idea if it is doing any good.  We can make suggestions to track traditional forms of advertising such as yellow pages and print advertising.  We can also enable you to directly track online marketing through Google Analytics and our proprietary eCommerce platform.  Finally, we can assist in deciphering results and adjust advertising accordingly, make on site or page changes, and be proactive in suggesting new forms of lead generation.  

We'll Help You:

  • Setup on site tracking mechanisms such as Google Analytics
  • Decipher results from marketing and SEO efforts
  • Assign cost per acquisition method and determine advertising cost
  • Proactive and Reactive changes depending on results