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One of the single best ways to grow your business is to expand into online sales.  We have years of experience designing, managing, and streamlining online businesses.  We can not only help you get started into online sales but assist you in growing your online business into a true success story.

I'm looking to create an online store, help!

We take each client's needs case by case.  We can assess how many products you have and how your business operates.  We then pick the most appropriate eCommerce platform to fit your needs.  We utilize several different platforms depending on the specific need.

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We'll help you:

  • Create an online store 
  • Setup a payment gateway account so you can accept credit cards online
  • Secure your site with SSL
  • Load products and descriptions
  • Host your site

.Net eCommerce Platform

We have developed a full featured enterprise class eCommerce platform in MVC which offers some unique features not found in other platforms.  A few of our platform features include online product design, configurable gallery, mobile support, multi tenant support, and shipping label integration.  Our platform is licensed on a project by project basis to customers if it fits their needs.

Our eCommerce platform provides an edge over the competition providing online product design and visually configurable tools that no one else can touch.  A unique experience means customers seek out your store again and again.

Online Product Design Software

At Ion Commerce we specialize in creating unique web based online product design tools.  We have years of experience developing tools to design signs online, design decals online, and create lettering online.  Our eCommerce platform facilitates this functionality in order to provide us a pluggable platform to fit customer's needs.  

You sell a configurable product - Why can't your customers design it online?

In order to gain a competitive edge in your niche online product design is key.  Allowing the customer to see exactly what they are ordering increases sales.  More likely than not your competitor already offers this feature, you are losing sales to them.  We can help!

Types of products we can assist creating online design tools for:

  • Signs
  • Shirts
  • Business Cards
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Decals
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Sublimation Products (Koozies, Mousepads, etc)
  • and much more!
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