Software Solutions

I need want to get information from system X into our system Y, how do we do it?


 Duplication of information is one of the worst drains on time.  We've seen it time and time again, whether it be manually typing and address for a shipping label, dispatching notification emails by hand, or updating order information.  There are thousands of ways you may find yourself moving data from one piece of software from another.  Many times these steps can be reduced or eliminated by integrating systems together and allowing automated flow of data between.  We can assist bridging the gap between your systems by investigating off the shelf software or a custom solution tailored to you.

Our business only accepts phone and paper purchase orders.  Our customers rely on our customer service department to check the status of orders and deal with quotes.

Enable Your Customers

Business to Business commerce has simply not kept up with the pace of the business to consumer world.  Would you call Amazon to place an order?  Would you send a P.O. to Ebay?   The same conveniences and advantages apply to B2B as do to B2C. By enabling your customers to place orders through your site you are cutting down on overhead, reducing call volume, and increasing customer satisfaction.  Furthermore,  enabling customers to easily check the status of their order, get quotes, and get notified when their item ships is beneficial to everyone.  

The great news for you is that your competition may not even offer this.  You can get a competitive edge in many ways by offering these services to your customers.  Let us help you find a solution!

There is movement underway to open up all traditional forms of product and service fulfillment.  Anyone that can utilize a RESTful web service can hook into your API and consume your service.

Open Product Platform

What does it mean? - Providing an open product platform or development platform for your business means opening up your ordering process to application development.  You don't have to provide a physical product either, perhaps you provide information.  For example:  Your company provides wholesale distribution of personalized pens, mugs, and other products.  You accept orders via the traditional means of purchase order and over the phone (hint: this is the old way).  Your competitor "company X" also offers a similar service to you.  Additionally company X offers online ordering for approved dealers (hint: they are already ahead of you).  Company X also offers an open development platform (API) so dealers can integrate into their own sites instant accurate quotes, instant order placement, and instant order status updates.  Additionally because Company X has an integrated system the order flows direction into their order processing system and begins production in minutes if they choose.  Customer X has built a system that is desirable by others to streamline their own operations and as a result is better for everyone.

Does it make sense for me? - It depends on how your business works and how flexible your current system is.  If you think you might be a candidate to open up your product to customers to develop with then let us know.  We can help you evaluate the feasibility of doing so.